Who Are We

Loop Teaching Ltd are a company registered in the UK. Our details are:

Loop Teaching Ltd
175 High Street
Kent TN9 1BX

Registered in the UK: 9624830

Our mission statement is to provide best of breed solutions to the education sector in the UK and elsewhere.


Loop have designed and built a suite of software products designed to inform and empower teachers, parents and students. In order for these products to function, data is extracted from our customer’s Management Information System and stored by us on our servers. This data is then disseminated to both mobile and desktop software components.

Data is transferred securely and encrypted at rest.

Data stored on mobile devices is protected by device security. Data accessed via the teacher desktop is protected by unique user id and password.

What Data Do We Process?

Personal Data

The Loop product suite stores data relating to the teachers and students at client schools. Typically that dataset would include:

  • Name;
  • Unique ID;
  • Gender;
  • Date of Birth;
  • Timetable data and other information related to school activities (after school clubs etc); and
  • Academic data (grades, targets etc).

Tracking Data

Loop products collect no tracking data, beyond a record of the number of downloads for licensing purposes.

How Is It Used?

MIS data is used to allow teachers to setup their classrooms and as a productivity tool during class time; to give parents a detailed and accurate view of their children’s learning; and to allow students to plan their schooldays, and keep track of progress, homework, classroom changes and other school events.

Storage Transparency

Loop has an open policy regarding data models and data storage. Any of our customers can request information at any time. Such information will be communicated only to the customer to whom it is relevant.

Adhering to Our Customers’ Policies

Loop is committed to adhering to both the letter and spirit of any privacy policy adopted by our customers.

Data Protection Act (UK)

Loop Teaching UK is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office under the terms of the DPA. Certificates can be produced upon request.

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